2 May 2010

What to do on Mother's Day?

How about taking your mommy out to see mummies? ;o)

There's a special exhibit on a couple of Egyptian mummies here in the Alicante Archaeology Museum  (the MARQ) and I took my mom there for Mother's Day (and then we all went out to lunch). Fun wrapped in bandages!

It's Mother's Day here in Spain, so I want to send a BIG HUG to all Mothers out there! :o)

double reflection through that glass! :o)

I'll tell you more about the mummies another day. Was a fascinating look into the Egyptian relationship (read: obsession) with death.


  1. Yes, Happy Mother's Day to all moms! But isn't it in a couple of weeks? It's okay to start early, Cris!

  2. That sounds great! I don't think my mom would be nerdy enough to go for that. My fiance (fiancee? I can't keep it straight) and I got to see the King Tut exhibit when it was here in Dallas. It was great! I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

  3. DJan, don't get me started on Mother's Day dates! They seem to be different all over the place! In Spain it's the 1st Sunday of May, in Belgium it's the 2nd (in the US too I think), in France it's the last and in Mexico it's May 10th!
    After 9 years living in Mexico I had the May 10th date hardwired into me. So for the 3 years my family was in the US and I was elsewhere (Mexico 1 year then 2 here) I was always getting the date wrong! Then ditto the first couple of years I was in Belgium and my dad had to call and remind me it was M-Day here so I could call back for my mum! I was still thinking May 10, but the Belgian publicity was for 2nd Sunday of May and the French for later (we got both countries' TV channels) so I always missed the Spanish date!

  4. Nicky, in this case the nerdy one is my mom! She's always loved archaeology/anthropology... as can witness anyone who climbed the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon with us x number of times in Teotihuacan! :p She's particularly fascinated by pre-columbian mesoamerica and Egypt so this... perfect!


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