16 May 2010

The King of Clay...

... is BACK!!! :o)
Celebrating Victory (photo by AP, at NPR website)

One year after losing to Roger Federer in the final of this same tournament (Madrid Masters Series), a loss that started a series of defeats throughout 2009 that knocked him all the way down to 4th place in the ATP rankings (hindered both by injuries and family pbs), Rafa Nadal has proven to the world that he is BACK! If consecutive wins this season in Monte Carlo and Rome weren't proof enough... I just saw a thrilling match that tennis fans around the world have been waiting a year to see: Roger vs Rafa, last year's rematch, and this year Rafa made it his own with some brilliant shots! Hat's off to Roger too, his elegance on court is unparalleled and his shots so precise... These guys definitely bring out the best in each other. I don't think I've ever seen them play as well against anyone else as they do against each other, theirs is indeed a rivalry for the ages. There were some really amazing and eye-popping exchanges on the Madrid clay today, alongside some great to behold fair-play behaviour and a stadium packed full of tennis fans. Just wish I could have been there instead of watching it on TV. :p

With this victory Nadal has his name in the record books again, this time for beating Agassi's record of 17 Masters Series Titles. Rafa now has 18 (Roger 16), and he's only 23! Still time for plenty more. :o)

Tomorrow Rafa gets his #2 ranking back (sorry Djokovic!), so Roland Garros will start up next Sunday with a very familiar feel for tennis fans: Roger at #1, Rafa at #2 (they held those respective positions for over 3 years before Rafa topped Roger after winning Wimbledon and the Olympics 2 years ago and managed to hold the #1 slot for almost a year). Here's to another spectacular Roger-Rafa 5-set final in 3 weeks! (sorry to other players... but these guys have an epic rivalry that just begs to be enjoyed by fans everywhere) And perhaps to Rafa inching his way back up to Number 1... ;o)

I just have to say it:


Rafael Nadal training for the 1/4F in Roland Garros 2007


  1. Sorry, I seem to know nothing about tennis. But bravo, Rafa!

  2. That's ok, it's the thought that counts! Thx! ;o)

    He can use all the "good vibes" starting tomorrow in the French Open where he'll try to reclaim his title. :o)


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