17 Apr 2010


Forgive me if I vent for a while...


I'm currently in the midst of a big family reunion in Mallorca... a twin communion and a sweet little baptism... and my sister's stuck in London! Grounded due to that massive cloud of volcanic ash high up in the atmosphere that's made almost all of northern Europe into a NO-FLY zone...

Check out this map from BBC news:

Extent of the volcanic "ash" cloud from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8623534.stm
It's created a lot of chaos, with stranded travellers, holidays cancelled, and I'm guessing low attendance at tomorrow's state funeral for the Polish President and his wife who died in a plane accident last week... Mother Nature making herself felt in all her glory! And in Iceland the government has asked people not to go near the volcano to "check it out", I'll admit if I lived there I'd be tempted! :p

7 years living in a city surrounded by volcanoes, never any problems, and now this thing in another country is screwing with our lives! 'tis indeed a small world! One volcano in Iceland starts acting up, and European air transport gets paralysed.

Sigh!!! Stupid atmospheric currents...

My sister would definitely prefer spending time with this:

than "stuck" in her flat in London...


  1. :( That sucks. Still, better than an unsafe flight. Dad just got back from Frankfurt - he was v v lucky to get stranded there, rather than Saudi Arabia, where he was working, and managed to get home overland, though it took a while.

  2. I read up about Icelandic volcanoes after this one, and I learned that in 1783 the Laki volcano in Iceland erupted for 8 months and caused tens of thousands of deaths in Europe, not to mention Iceland. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky!

  3. Brings back memories of 9/11, when all air traffic was grounded here. At least our skies were clear and blue.

    I've heard the funeral will be postponed as many dignitaries cannot be there, including President Obama.

    Too bad about your sister missing the fabulous time...

  4. Lucky indeed Juliette! What did he do? ICE from Frankfurt to Brussels and then the Eurostar?

    You're right DJan, it could be worse! When I lived in Mexico DF we were always worried that smthg like this might happen... there are at least 20 volcanoes within the city limits! At least this isn't in a major city...

    Lily, they've actually been making the same comparison here in the news... but from what I've heard they're not delaying the funeral, it will just be less well attended...

    yeah, my sister called to say ALL Ryanair flights in northern Europe are cancelled until Tuesday. I'm hoping that doesn't extend 'cause I fly out back to Alicante on Tuesday... on Ryanair! :p

  5. "this" is too cute for words....smiles....take loads of photos....

  6. Thx Emom! I am, I'm feeling like a regular papparazzi here! ;o)

    Her 9 year-old twin aunt and uncle are pretty close on the cuteness scale as well! I'm an official shutterbug! :p

  7. Dad got a hire car from Frankfurt to Ostende (no trains and the car ahd to be left in Belgium), taxi to Calais, boat to Dover, trains to Ashford, London and Birmingham, then walked to pick his own car and drive home! Good decision though, or he'd still be in Frankfurt!

  8. glad to hear you Dad made it back ok Juliette... what a trip! ouch!


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