29 Apr 2010

La Armada Española en Roma!

Oh my! I didn't know Spain was playing the Davis Cup this Friday! In Rome?! And not content to play against a single country in the course of a weekend, the "Armada Española" is taking on 5 different countries in one day! ;o)

Davis Cup Champions 2009  (http://www.elespectador.com/imagen-armada-espanola)
Anyone reading this a tennis fan? If you're following the Rome Master's Tournament then look at this Friday's programme (the quarter-finals) and you'll see what I mean... Roma. Centre Court. 5 matches... ALL of them involve a Spaniard (or two since there's a doubles match). I just got the biggest smile on my face when I read this:

Verdasco vs Djokovic (Serbia)
Ferrer vs Tsonga (France)
Nadal vs Wawrinka (Switzerland)
Feliciano Lopez vs Gulbis (Latvia)
Almagro/Granollers vs the Bryan brothers (USA)

And now I feel like singing "qué viva Españaaaaaaaaaa!!!" :p 

Just missing Ferrero (who was in the crowd watching Nadal's match today) and my current Spanish favourites are all there! :o)

Who was it that said that Spain had enough good tennis players to field TWO Davis Cup teams? You betcha!!! :D

I figure Lopez and Verdasco will have the toughest time, but I really hope Verdasco beats Djokovic: 1. because I like Verdasco, and 2. because it will decrease the points difference between Nadal and Djokovic and bring Nadal that much closer (if he wins the title) to 2nd place in the ITF rankings! :o)

So fingers crossed for Spanish face-offs in the semi-finals and then the Final! With Nadal winning of course! ;o)

PS: if you're not a tennis fan then the Davis Cup is an international tennis tournament by national teams, Spain will next play France in the 1/4F first weekend of July.


  1. well, not being a tennis fan, I can just get off on your excitement! It sounds like a great matchup, and I do hope you share the results with me! :-)

  2. I'm not a tennis follower either, but it does sound exciting for someone that is!

    The maplogo widget at the bottom of my home page is the one that tracks cities. It only keeps the data for one day. I use a spread sheet to keep track of the new ones.

  3. Well 3 out of 5 ain't bad! If this were a Davis Cup it would mean we'd have won! ;o)

    Only Gulbis and the Bryan brothers were able to pull off the upset.

    It was exciting... but would have been so much nicer if I'd been able to see the most interesting match of the day, the Verdasco vs Djokovic. For some reason TV was showing Spain's Grand Prix motorcycles instead of tennis to half-way through the second match! And the only match I was really interested in, I missed! (I had complete confidence in Nadal, so no worries there).

    Fortunately this afternoon they've (the TV people) got they're priorities straightened out and have 2 different channels showing the sports stuff... for us crazy tennis fans and for the people who like to see motorcycles going around in circles! :p

    So 3 Spaniards in the semifinals... fingers are crossed for an all-Spanish final!!! :o)

  4. And we got our all-Spanish final!!! :o)

    But I must say Gulbis had us worried there for a while... Rafa had a really hard time with him! Looks like a new rising tennis star...


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