16 Feb 2009

Welcome to the Dollhouse!

also known as: JOSS WHEDON'S BACK ON TV!!! yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Ok, do I sound geeky enough? ;o)

It's just that I think the guy is more than a little bit crazy, but he comes up with these fabulous stories, filled with compelling characters, knows how to pick some damn fine actors to bring them to life, and then surrounds himself with writers who share his trademark quick-witted dialogue, fast paced stories that frequently (in disguise) are a comment for something that's a bit "off" in our society. So what's not to love? :p

This time around Joss plunges us head first into The Dollhouse, a somewhat zen and yet mysterious place where a group of people (who we're lead to believe either volunteered or were a bit coerced into a 5-year gig) known as "actives" live and are taken care of by others. The actives are like Dolls, a blank slate of consciousness, on whom can be imprinted the personality of oh so many different types of people (and sometimes a combination of people). With these "new" personalitites in place they head out on their assignment, with people who've paid a fortune for their services (wether that be a weekend of partying or a hostage negotiation).

Main character is Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, and the idea behind the series is that we're going to see her slowly becoming "aware" of the world around her. Becoming conscious. I guess we'll have to let some time pass to get a better idea of what Joss means by that. In the meantime it will be new characters on new assignments each week, with a lone FBI investigator - BSG's Tahmoh Penikett, yay!- looking into this urban legend that is the Dollhouse.
Just want to finish by saying I really liked the first episode, even though I found it a bit lacking in the usual witty banter I've learnt to love in the Whedonverse, but I'm sure more will sneak its way in. So for now I'm onboard with this crazy new adventure and hope enough people are as well for it to stay on the air long enough for Joss to take us on one heck of a fun ride! And let's hope the suits over at Fox give it a fair shake (unlike what they did to Firefly).

Oh, and love the "nod" to Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos!!! (although my dad seems to think that based on the fact that I caught that reference -and what it implies- means I spend waaay too much time watching/reading/obsessing about certain TV series, and he's probably right!) :p

On a side note... for those lacking in previous Whedonverse experience, beware happy couples and happy people in general! Joss is known for feeling no qualms about dispatching a beloved character to the great beyond right when it will hurt the most!!! See link below for a list of examples:


  1. Joss Whedon makes me happy, but I've been traumatized by Serenity and it makes me scared to watch his shows. I don't want to get all happy and comfortable with a character only to mourn them later.
    Of course...since I don't have cable and rarely watch tv, I'll probably have to see Dollhouse after the shows start being transferred to the medium of DVD. That's how I was introduced to Firefly. *sniffle*

  2. don't you live in the US? I thought FOX was one of the regular networks available to all on TV???
    I haven't lived there in such a long time I have no idea how it works over there anymore...

  3. Wow!!
    thanks for the post!
    i just loved ur blgg
    cerry cool
    for sure I will sign

  4. I do, and maybe I do get FOX. I haven't really watched tv since I started college. Of course, whether or not my little rabbit-ear antennas can pick up the signal may be a bigger issue...especially since the cat keeps knocking them off the tv. :-/

  5. Update after having seen the second episode: I like it even more! It upped the rhythm, started filling in some of the back-story and... how awesome was that "being chased by a guy wielding a bow and arrows" sequence?!
    So still looking forward to seeing how this evolves! ;o)

  6. Just read this:

    and am now even more excited to see what's next!!! "Wash" (alan tudyk in Firefly) will be part of the Dollhouse cast!!! shiny!!!



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