8 Feb 2009



Virtuoso violonists taking the stage and running away with it... that's kind of what watching the show put together by Yllana and Ara Malikian feels like. Actually it's a bit of an understatement!

Yllana is a comedic theatre production company (specializing in slapstick and physical humour), that together with violonisit Ara Malikian and three other virtuosos (Thomas Potiron, Eduardo Ortega y Gartxot) have put together one hell of a show: PaGAGnini! It's quite a different take on your "usual" classical music concert. A way of introducing classical music to an audience who might otherwise avoid it... They take some well-known pieces (for example Pachelbel's Canon) and give them one hell of an original twist! Either speeding them up, slowing them down, changing the style and rythm to give them an air of rock'n'roll or blues... all the while acting out all over stage! Jumping up and down, somersaults and lots of other physical gags, and not skipping a beat!... including bringing in two members of the public to complete a sextet for a parody of "modern" music (they have one of them ringing a cow bell, the other with a squeaky toy!).

My face still hurts from the smiling, my eyes are red from the tears due to the laughing, and I'm so juiced up I have to idea how I'm ever going to fall asleep tonight!

So keep your eyes open, coming soon to a town near you (all over Spain and France the next 6 months)! A MUST see!!! ;o)

Introduction from their website, followed by two sequences from the concert, courtesy of Yllana's Youtube channel:
"PAGAGNINI combines classical music, the playing of virtuoso violinist Ara Malikian and Yllana’s slapstick humour all in one show. The result is an amusing and surprising “Des-Concierto” (a Dis-Concert), which reviews some of the pinnacle moments in the history of classical music by ingeniously combing them with more popular tunes.
This mixture of styles leads to the creation of a medley of emotions, a concert where the serious and solemness of music is combined wonderfully with moments of subtle humour. This quirky perspective of the world of concertos, added to the elegant and virtuoso interpretation of these four outstanding musicians, has proven capable of fascinating even the most erudite spectators, as well as exalting and inspiring audiences of all ages from around the world."

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