29 Nov 2008

Movie Magic

Came across this on the BBC website:

This guy is sooo right! Mary Poppins is a wonderful story. No tiene desperdicio! Just thinking of "Feed The Birds" gives me the goosebumps! Not to sound old-fashioned or anything, but they just don't make them like they used to! (as in no more nice, sweet stories with a little something for everyone, great acting, compelling storytelling, interesting characters, and special effects there to serve the movie -not simply existing for themselves)

A bonus from YouTube:


  1. Nice- you're probably right but then sometimes I woudn't have my movies any other way... you can have a bit too much of sickly sweet!

    My spanish is.... not great, so if you keep posting in English I'll keep popping back!


  2. So in other words, one spoonful of sugar ok, two would be too many? I actually agree on that one. But then you could also distinguish between natural sweetness ;) (like from honey?) as compared to artificial sweeteners which are just ick! Some movies just feel nice, while others (more recent attempts at romcoms etc) feel more like they're trying to force the issue and so you get that artificial aftertaste... :(

    I'd say about 2/3 of my posts (at least) will be in English, particularly any related to pop-culture since have access to most of that in English and hate the thought of translating stuff... :p


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