29 Mar 2014

Random movie ramblings...

Is it just me or is the "movie summer" (as in season of blockbuster bonanza) starting earlier and earlier? With Captain American out this weekend, Noah next weekend and Spiderman in 2 weeks... and I believe Divergent came out recently in the U.S. (out in Spain in a few weeks), it kind of feels like summer in the movies! Now if only the weather would follow suit...

Or maybe the suits in Hollywood have finally realised that if you make a decent film that people want to see, then it doesn't really matter when it comes out! Unless of course you put it up against the release of another movie people want to see even more, but that's another story. :p

Dunno, I'm just happy the movie scene has a bit more options than several years ago... 

I took my dad to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier today (he's a fan of Cap', although he says he might be finally outgrowing "superhero movies"), and it was a blast! Sure, it's the usual "blow lots of stuff up and have lots of fight scenes" blockbuster, but with witty banter, great actors and a good sense of humour. And I loved the idea behind the main plot (which I won't give away 'cause it would spoil it for you, you'll find out about halfway in) and the not so veiled critique at our modern information/surveillance society.

Another thing: I think Marvel is doing an amazing job at weaving this cinematic universe of theirs together! Each film is different threads on that tapestry, all of them linked together one way or another (some pretty obviously, others more subtly). Whoever was the architect behind this, kudos!

Oh, and stick around until the veeeery end of the credits! As usual with Marvel films there are post-credit scenes which give you a clue of what's coming next... Two scenes, one halfway through the credits, the other at the very end. I'm guessing one is a clue for the next Avengers moving being filmed right now, the other possibly for Captain America 3 in a few years. I don't know anything about the comics, so the first scene didn't really "clue me in" on the next story, but I did enjoy the second one, was a nice little moment!

Now I'm quite curious to see how the events in this film are going to impact the Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series... ;o)


  1. I've total been out of the loop with what's going on the movie world lately. Guess I better catch up, so I'm ready for these summer blockbusters.

    BTW - stop by my blog for a little video surprise.

    1. This year I've been so busy I haven't been in the loop about movies either! I hadn't heard of some of the big Oscar films and had only seen a couple! Shocking for me! :p
      Thank you so much for telling me to stop by your blog! LOVED the fishy video! :o)


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