7 Sep 2013


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Just adding a bit of code to connect my blogs to Bloglovin'. I'm trying it out as I'm looking for a good app to access the blogs I follow on my iPhone, and while the Blogger app lets me write my own posts, it doesn't show me the blogs I follow and I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down on my computer and read other blogs and I miss them!!! :p  Hopefully this should help me stay in touch a bit more...

Update: So the Bloglovin things looks cool on the iPhone, seems like it will be a good way to keep track of blogs. But I've discovered I still have a HUGE problem to be able to stay update while on the go: COMMENTING! As in I CAN'T DO IT on my iPhone!!! Booo!!! I go to the comment box, type out my comment, choose GoogleID... but then it doesn't give me anywhere to sign in and when I click submit my comment disappears! *sob*  I like to comment on the posts I read, if I can't comment then I'll wait to read them when I'm back on my computer which means I still won't be reading any blogs on my iphone. HELP!!! Anyone else have this problem, commenting via iOS? Solutions?


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