16 Apr 2012

Lovely Valentine

Have you seen this music video? Paul McCartney's latest song "My Valentine" featuring Johnny Depp on the guitar and Nathalie Portman interpreting the lyrics in sign language... it's quite beautiful! :o)

I'm afraid I've once again been rather absent on the blogs... some of you whom I visit regularly will have noticed my lack of comments lately. I'm really sorry! I'm afraid I'm a bit swamped with my classes and trying to find a more regular job that would give me some financial stability (if such a thing even exists these days). Plus with the Easter holidays some of my friends have finally had some free time to get together! Other than catching up on blog reading, I still have a hike pending for here, a couple new Semana Santa posts for my other blog, half-started book reports for this one, and trying to re-start the "Fishy Fridays" and "Come Dive With Me" series (the latter of which I had hope to do before the diving season started up again... too late I'm heading out under the waves next Saturday!). Oh, and start getting things ready for World Oceans Day! (I'm helping to translate their website to Spanish) And I could show you some scary photos of how much organising I need to do around the house... :p
Some days I look at everything that needs to get done (the "real" stuff) and it's just so overwhelming I hide on the sofa and watch TV instead of facing it... which of course makes it all worse the next day... *sigh* Must. Get. Organised! I used to be so organised once upon a time... whatever happened to me? ;(


  1. I like your way of dealing with being overwhelmed - you're a girl after my own heart.

  2. What happened to you is a little something called "life." ^.^ Just keep your chin up, my dear! Besos

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. Hang in there - you'll be fine. Loved the song and the video - but then, you had me at Johnny Depp.


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