10 Feb 2012

Desperately trying to decide where to hike this weekend...

So I'm still running behind on my hiking posts, been a bit busy with class preparations and other "real life" stuff (not all of it fun, except for the movie outings, love those!), and right now I'm really wracking (is that the right word?) my brains on where to hike this Sunday! I've got three options, although one of them isn't really an option... a friend from Valencia will be going with his hiking group to spot in the northern part of Alicante and wants me to join them... but a 90' drive there and then back all by myself means too big a gas expense for me on my lonesome. :s

So I'm trying to choose between my two regular groups, both of which are going to a place I've already been! 

  • The Trenet Senderista is going to hike around the Reconco, which was my first hike in September with the Centro Excursionista. On the plus side it's a nice area, there could be more almond trees in bloom (always on the lookout for those this time of the year) and if the forecast is correct it should be cold but sunny and not too much wind. It will be a decently long hike (about 15 km I guess) and not too leg-breaking (they don't climb the peaks). On the down side this is usually a large group (bus) which means plenty of time waiting around and well, it's COLD!!! That and an hour's break for lunch... brrr!!!
  • The Centro Excursionista de Alicante is going to climb the Puig Campana again (we did it before Christmas), but this time it will be a shorter hike (45' to the beginning of the tough climb instead of 2h, then straight back to the cars instead of walking all around the mountain) since it's a family outing (regular hikers will bring their kids). Although no matter how much shorter, that tough climb is just as tough as it was in December... On the plus side, the weather forecast shows chances of rain tomorrow which could mean snow up there (fun!), and there's the fact that I didn't get a view from the top last time (in theory you can see Ibiza!) so second time's the charm? On the down side, should be much colder because will be windier and there definitely aren't any almond trees around there to look forward too... ;o(
What to do? How to choose? Any words of advice? In any case, this should result in a hiking post with much fewer photos than usual (is that a sigh of relief I hear?) since I've already done both in detail... ;o)


  1. The snow sounds fun, so I'd pick the 2nd hike. But that's just me.

  2. Almond trees or no almond trees? That IS a tough choice. Is there a chance that it could snow during the first choice?

    And, yes, "wracking" is the right term. It can also be spelled alternatively as "racking." :)


  3. Almond trees! Almond trees!

  4. Turned out I got a third option!!! Well actually, a change in the first because the guide called me to say he was changing the route to avoid the intense cold that had been forecast for the interior. So no more doubts, went on a hike I hadn't done before! No snow, but lots of sun and a few almond trees... plus Roman ruins and the beach! Will write it up soon (have one more to do before it) :o)


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