6 Nov 2011

Technicolour Sunset

Fall has only just really hit us this past week. Temperatures have finally dropped to below 20ÂșC during the daytime, a storm has been going on and off for several days giving us high winds and quite a bit of rain but most specially: clouds!

What's the big deal with clouds? Well Alicante summers are very hot and hazy with nary a cloud in the sky (must be why all those tourists flock to our beaches) which can be rather boring if you like a little texture on your horizon! Fall means the return of storms and storms bring clouds. Lovely fluffy clouds, more dense stormy ones... you name it, we got it! And there's nothing better than a cloudy sky for a beautiful technicolour sunset!

Alicante's castle glowing in the light of the setting sun
20' later from the other end of the bay

These are our Fall colour! Our trees don't go all gold and bronze. They stay green and either lose their leaves or don't. So we depend on the sky to bring some bright colours into our lives. :o)


  1. Beautiful! And I loved the little dots of light from the town in the sunset pictures, Cris.

  2. Hey, saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd check out yours! *following* ;o)
    Beautiful pics!

  3. I LOVE sunsets, and to see Alicante like this takes my breath away. :)


  4. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the photos! We really are spoiled with the views in this city... and from now until Easter is the best time! :o)

  5. Beautiful! I love clouds - we get plenty of them here where I live. In fact people come from all over the world to study our clouds.

  6. Wow!! Really beautiful hues. Agree with the title of the post.


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