20 May 2011

Earth calling CrazyCris... you still on the moon???

Dang... almost a month without posting?!?!?! How'd that happen??? Funny thing is, I don't know!!! I had plenty of ideas, posts half-written stuck in my brain at random hours of the day, took my daily photos for project 365... I don't get it!

And it's not like nothing's been going on. I've done some travelling (a week in France with a friend, weekend in Barcelona with other friends). I wanted to write about Pope John Paul II when the beatification was going on in Rome. I was going to write a "one month to go" reminder for World Oceans Day (I did find the time however to translate their website into Spanish for them!). I wanted to mention the floods in the midwest US (I hope none of my regular readers or your families got flooded out!). Then there was the earthquake here in Spain, in Lorca, not too far from Alicante (we didn't feel anything, but the town is a MESS! a friend of mine got lucky her apartment's ok although her building is damaged). And now there's the "Spanish Revolution", the "15 de Mayo" movement camping out downtown in cities all around Spain to protest the political system (and I'm going own to check out the excitement and add my two grains of salt as soon as I finish writing this).


I guess being gone for 10 days without internet really screws up my blogging habit. It takes me a while to get back on track... Hopefully I'm there now! I'll back-post my project 365 photos posting several days at a time. And I'm almost done with the World Oceans Day reminder. I've got a new blog series I'm about to start, Page vs Screen, contrasting books with the films/series made from them. I've got several book reports also mostly finished. And I'm almost done with my Easter Sunday procession post for Cris Crossing the Globe (need to finish editing some videos). Dunno how much I'll get done this weekend though since my sis is flying in from London for a birthday weekend (hers is today, my dad's on Sun).

Hope everyone out there is busy and happy!

Perhaps this peacock (in a botanical garden in S France) will add some more smiles... he's trying to show another guy who's the boss:

Damn!!! What's with the changes on Blogger??? I couldn't upload the video... its status wasn't showing up anywhere! Had to do it via YouTube first... waste of time...


  1. Beautiful, I've never seen a white peacock before!

  2. That peacock is fabulous! Like the new blog series idea, eager to see what you'll be covering :)

  3. We've missed you, but I've been MIA too and totally understand how life can get out of hand sometimes.

  4. Agh, we've all been too busy to blog, the world will surely end. :)

    Hee, now I have the giggles because I accidentally typed "busty" first time instead of busy. Yikes!

  5. @ Shellbelle and Juliette: they were quite gorgeous! I was mesmerised watching them...

    @ Dive Girl: life? oh yeah, that thing that keeps me away from the blog and regularly gives me migraines... ugh!

    @ Veg: wasn't the world supposed to end a week ago? *sigh* I keep getting my Apocalypses mixed up! >:(

  6. I've never seen white peacocks before! They're gorgeous! It's so interesting to watch them. It reminds me of betas. I used to have one and I'd put a mirror next to the tank every once in a while to see him strut and show the "other" fish who was in charge.

  7. @Nicky: lol! I've never had fish at home before, but I have seen Betas at friends' and they were so funny when they got all puffed up! :p


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