26 Mar 2011

Musical Lowcost Airline Rant

My mom came across this one, and it's fabulous! I've lost track of the number of times I've seen it today... such fun!!! (and sadly true... as anyone who's flown Ryanair will know)

What's your worst Lowcost episode? I've got two recent ones... and within 3 weeks of each other! They (Vueling) switched a flight on me (moved it up a day) without even informing me!!! I found out in time by pure luck. For the first flight (Paris -> Alicante on my way home from New Zealand) I managed to have them switch me to another flight a few days later and spent those days at a friend's in Paris (I couldn't have caught the earlier flight, was in the air!). The second was on my trip to Athens last month for a wedding. Ditto, flight advanced to the day before... the same time as the wedding!!! Since the only option was (again) being switched to a flight several days later... and they wouldn't pay for extra hotel nights, I ended up having it cancelled, reimbursed, and buying another ticket on a different airline (more expensive since a week before the trip... and resulted in an 8h layover in Barcelona instead of the original 2h. UGH!)

As they say: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. (but they're still bastards. grrrrrr.....)


  1. We booked a flight to Hawaii through Expedia and will never do it again. We were put in seats that butted up against the bulkhead in a severe upright position - and it is a long flight. Not only that, but we were unable to put down the tray because we were too close to the seats in front of us. It was almost as if they just decided to add three seats for the fun of it. But not the fun for us. Never again. And never again for US Airways.

    My WV - galling (LOL)

  2. Chris,
    Your profile has my vote for THE most intriguing I have ever read. Wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog, and especially for taking the time to read the post on rape. Much appreciated.

  3. Nancy, I hear you! I have heard nightmare stories from many friends on this subject... but for some reason (our budgets perhaps?) we all keep coming back to the damn lowcost airlines. I guess as long as you know what you're getting yourself into. *gulp*

    Deborah, how could anyone not comment after reading that post? It was very intense (particularly the discussion in the comments after it) and very interesting and well put. Things that needed to be said will always get as respons!
    As to my profile... well what can I say... my life and origins and educations have definitely been "different" (although I know people who've got me beat!)


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