6 Jan 2009

Christmas Traditions finito...

Damn! The Holidays and a nasty cold and then the return to post-holiday life have gotten in the way of me continuing this series... just don't feel inspired any more after the holidays are done! (date may say Jan 6th, but that's when I started the post, am actually publishing it Jan 25th) Will have to pick it up again next year if I'm still blogging. ;)

So much more to talk about: Christmas decorations (Christmas trees and stockings, nativities or "belenes" as we call them in Spain), gift-giving traditions, the twelve days of Christmas ending on Three Kings Day (celebrated more than Dec. 24/25 in some countries). The Three Kings vs Santa Clause vs Saint Nicolas. Christmas movies... So much to talk about, so little time! Perhaps next yeat I'll get organized and research things a bit better too. Inch'allah!

So I'll finish off by sharing some pics of my Christmas decorations. Hope it was interesting reading. If anyone is reading this that is! :p

This year's Christmas Tree, much more respectable than previous editions, it's hard to find a decent tree around here!!! maybe we should try an olive
tree instead? :p

This year's Belen (i.e. Bethlehem, representing the town, not just the Nativity in the stable):
Smaller than once upon a time, but we still manage to cram in there quite a few interesting characters!

Lights out / lights on! (Christmas always looks better that way...)

the Nativity

The Three Wise Men arriving at Herods castle (left) and the Annunciation by the Angel to the shepherds (right):

The Three Wise men oftering gifts at the stable, fisherman waiting for a catch:

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