8 Dec 2008

Movie Madness!

Let me say it here and now, out loud: I'm a MOVIE ADDICT!!!
Even more: I'm an OSCAR NUT!!!

There. I said it! :o)

Just in case it wasn't clear based on the fact that 2 out of 3 previous entries were about movies... and with the "awards season" shifting into a higher gear, it's only going to get worse! :p

Stories are in my blood (both on paper and screen). I have a very easy capacity for losing myself in a moment, in a character. I'm really good at suspending my disbelief - as long as it's not too fake! I'll watch almost anything at least once. If it's good and I liked it I'm more than willing to see it again; if it's excellent and I loved it you can be pretty sure I'll be getting the dvd (I'm an avid consumer of bonus material) and watching it again and again and again! If it's just bof I'll probably forget about it and then end up watching again if it shows up on TV. I can be pretty forgiving when judging a film, often taking into account what I think the filmmakers wanted to accomplish and placing it in the appropriate context (after all, you can't compare apples and oranges like a commercial feel-good movie or an Oscar-hopeful thought-provoking film). But I can also be pretty hard on bad or even mediocre films, have little patience for "low-brow" comedy (I just don't get the popularity of an excess of stupidity on the screen), can't stand gore for the sake of a bloodbath and am not too fond of horror films.

Friends have a tendency to come to me to ask about info on what's playing and are often surprised by my spouting out random trivia related to the films or future projects by the directors, actors etc. They often ask me how I know about it all... well here goes! Basically I spend waaaaaaay too much time reading movie-related websites. Here are my favourites for any curious enough to delve into them. They're getting a lot more traffic now that the Awards Season has started:

The Carpetbagger - my favourite! for me the season really starts when this Oscar-related N.Y.Times blog reopens its doors at the beginning of December. The Bagger has a unique sense of humor, pretty good movie taste and presents an outsider's view of the whole awards circus. Add in his crazy videos (he's moved out of Times Square and into his basement this year, nuts!)

In Contention - with several bloggers on-board it's good for reviews and movie insights, but particularly interesting for its "Tech Support" section which dissects various aspects of films we tend to take for granted and helps you gain a greater appreciation for all the hard work that goes into our favourite movies.

The Film Experience - a one-man show (I don't know how he keeps up that volume of posting!) with some interesting reviews, lists, quirky ideas, discussions, blog-a-thons... you name it, Nathaniel's probably done it!

Movie City News - a news aggregator, best place for links to news from a wide variety of sources as well as some interesting pieces (state of the industry, awards discussions, reviews) by their own columnists.

SyFy Portal - excellent for news and reviews for Science Fiction fans (me!!!)

dig in! and be prepared for more movie-madness in the future! ;o)

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