26 Jul 2011

oops! I did it again...

lalalalala... that's my fuzzy brain talking, or better yet singing. Does that qualify as singing? Dunno... in any case, it's been a bit on a fritz the past month, pretty much since before Hogueras started! Blame it on the move, on the heat, on the travelling, on being surrounded by boxes...

So yeah, my last communiqué was from the Hoguera in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. I seem to remember mentioning some video and photo editing to show you last year's cremà... I also intended to showcase the 5-night international fireworks competition a few days later... and I was going to start up my "Page vs Screen" series and restart the Monthly Movies and Book Reviews... WOOOPS! The real world came crashing back in to interrupt the blogging with requests for more English classes, another translation job, job hunting (I'm still hoping to give up teaching English for something more Biological) and boxes, boxes and MORE boxes! (and no, I still haven't finished with the bloody boxes... have I mentioned before how much I hate boxes?) Oh, and my sister's back from New Zealand for a month, yay!!! :o)

The heat doesn't help my higher brain functions much either... and it's been really hot lately!!! I'm trying to resist the lure of the A.C. siren song (electricity is too bloody expensive), but it's getting harder.

I'm going to slowly dip my toes back into the blogging waters... I've got so much to tell!!! Yes there's still that final Hogueras post. But before that (since it is a year old after all) there will be tales of crazy weddings in far off countries, teary-eyed memories of a beloved wizard of whom we have seen the last on the silver screen, blogging stats-addiction and other random crazyness! And probably more rants against boxes. Just because we never have too many of those. :p

How's you're summer going? I'm gonna go down and hop in the pool (now that the kiddies have all gone home -it's 9pm-) and stretch my back and cool down with a few laps. Then come back up and *sigh* finish preparing tomorrow's English classes. Good thing they're with the students I enjoy spending time with! :o)