8 Jun 2009

Oceanic Blog-A-Thon!

Welcome to our OCEANIC BLOG-A-THON!

In honour of World Oceans Day we thought we'd all get together and share our thoughts, memories, adventures, photos, knowledge, passion for the seas and oceans to help raise awareness on the importance of the Seas and Oceans. After all, our planet may be called Earth, but there must be some reason it's known as "the BLUE planet"!

Life exists on this planet thanks to two things: an atmosphere and water! 3/4 of the Earth's surface is covered by seas and oceans. They provide food, natural resources, inspiration... They've impulsed commerce and exchanges between societies since the Phoenicians and Greeks set sail across the Mediterranean (and even earlier in some parts of the world). The world's oceans are all inter-connected, a reminder of how we're all part of the same larger ecosystem... and what happens in one region will inevitably affect others at some point.

And now, without further ado, we dive into the wonderful world of blogging to find out how people from different places, with different lives, view the seas and oceans and share their experiences:

  • Over the weekend CrazyCris from Here and There and Everwhere (so, right here! lol!) reminded you to "Wear Blue, Tell Two" on World Oceans Day, and put together a list of funky fishy factoids (did you know that Nemo's dad should have changed sex and become his mum when she died?) that you can share with the people around you, as well as some simple things you can do to help the oceans.
  • Ocean Mania illustrates where the ocean meets the shore. Pra from A Simple Story shares her love of the Ocean with photos from various coasts around India, including an astonishing image of coastal erosion by the power of the ocean's waves.
  • In Aquatic Critters From Down South the Redheaded Shutterbug wants to introduce you to several inhabitants of the Southern Ocean whose lives depend on the presence of ice around the Antarctic and the high biological productivity in the coastal waters during the summer months.
  • Rain from Mountain Mamma shares a very personal connection she has with the Ocean and with water in general. I'll give you a clue, it involves a green Sea Horse! ;o)
  • In World Oceans Day over at *Verily I Go* a fledgling diver finds just the right words to make her first three (eventful) expeditions into the ocean's depth as a SCUBA diver come alive for us.
  • Brian at WayStationOne was fortunate to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida for a couple of years, a great way to find an oceanic connection! In World Oceans Day he shares a Saturday adventure with his 6 month-old son involving mysterious sea creatures. :o)
  • Lover of Life, from Life In The Second Half, brings us Dolphins! She shares her feelings for these bottle-nosed critters and gives some tips on things we can do to help them out (and the Oceans in general).
  • At Life in Motion, Joseph brings us closer to God's Marvels: The Sea and The Ocean. With this he wants to remind us of all the Oceans do for us with images of beautiful seascapes in India, and of people whose livelihood is intrinsically linked to the seas. I was particularly impressed by those Chinese fishing nets!
  • Are in you in the mood to learn more about the oceans through some educational and entertaining media? Well NeoLibrarium has gone out and found quite a bit of interesting material for you! A couple of good reads, some breath-taking films to rent and watch... if you want the names it's all a click away at World Oceans Day!
  • O.k., it's time to get rid of the shoes and dig our toes into the sand! Head over to Shellbelle's Tiki Hut in Florida for a cool drink and dig into Happy World Oceans Day! where you'll meet the magnificent mangroves that are such an intrinsic part of life around the Gulf of Mexico and are the basis for a very unique (and fragile) ecosystem!
  • Time for a scientist's point of view! With The Oceans: Returning to an Ancient Friend, Joshua over at Sci-Phi digs in to how the oceans have fascinated and impulsed man's development for millenia now, and how after turning our backs on the oceans for most of the 20th century we're finally recognising its importance and worrying that we be disturbing its delicate balance.
  • At NickyHicks.com for World Ocean Day Nicky's invited us to tag along during a cruise through the Gulf of Mexico, round the Yucatan Peninsula, all the way down to Panama. Sunsets, seascapes, cruise ships... what time do we set sail?!
  • In A Philosopher/Historian's Take on the Oceans, Brian, the philosophing half of Sci-Phi, has blended together history, philosophy and classical civilizations to talk about the importance of the oceans. He's put together a time machine to take us to meaningful historic moments of human-oceanic interactions!

So go, take some time and discover what all these people have to share with us. Leave them your comments so they'll know what you thought. And remember to "Wear Blue and Tell Two"!

Be sure to return throughout the day for updates! Links will be posted a.s.a.p.!


  1. Hi Chris, my post on Dolphins will be posted on 6/8/09 at 12:01 a.m. PST - US. I'm already enjoying the ones posted!

  2. Hi Chris, a poetic response to a sea painting will be posted at the break of the new day - a bit past the midnight hour here in NY 12:10 AM - so that it will bear the date June 8th.

    Thanks for all you do.


    APOGEE Poet
    Rose Marie Raccioppi

  3. working on mine now. will be up in a bit and will send you the link. thanks to Lover of Life for introing me to this. will be fun!

  4. Anonymous8/6/09 03:25

    Hi Cris!!!
    I posted early so I can go to bed without anxiety, here's my link: http://rain-mountain-mamma.blogspot.com/2009/06/seahorse-tattoo-and-aqua-love.html

  5. i'm up...


  6. I am now posted.
    APOGEE Poet
    Rose Marie Raccioppi

  7. http://www.lilyrobinson.com/2009/06/me-and-sea.html is my post for this event. Hope your swamped! No pun intended...

  8. Wait...omg, I think I'm up too
    http://verilyigo.blogspot.com/2009/06/world-oceans-day-june-8-2009-my-first.html. oh poop looks like such a struggle. Sorry.

  9. This batch is up and linked! Thanks to all! (now I'm off for breakfast) ;o)

  10. Hi:)

    Please check my post.

    Best wishes:)

  11. Anonymous8/6/09 14:38

    Great job sweetheart!!!

  12. Anonymous8/6/09 15:15

    Hi Everyone! I just want to let you all know that I'm still having browser problems, and can't access MzzLizzy or Brian's pages...this has happened to me before and I don't know why, I hope I can read your wonderful posts soon!

  13. Anonymous8/6/09 16:17

    Neolibarium.com post is up

  14. the only one i can't read is the most recent...neolibarium? great posts all. hoping for more to come!

  15. This is such fun! I really have to go over to the real world now, but I'll be back in Blogville later to see where else you'll send me! Great idea Cris!

  16. I have been taken to new shores, to new depths of the sea, to creatures beautiful and mysterious, to that place within your hearts that sing with the ocean winds, riding on the back of a dolphin whose song of freedom and love is ever heard... all this in celebration of World Ocean Day. Thank you Cris, and all who rode these tides today.

  17. Okay, my post is up and running @ http://shellbelles.blogspot.com/2009/06/happy-world-oceans-day.html

    Now I'm off to read the others! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful evert!

  18. Josh from Sci-Phi's is at


  19. Anonymous8/6/09 20:46

    It's a privilege to be taking part in your blog-a-thon. Thank you. Here is the link to my Ode to the Sea.

  20. Chris,
    Two people today on my blog suggested that I should come to your site and leave my post for your consideration. Without realizing it, I must have been in tune with the over-arching theme of this day.

    I hope you'll take a look, and if you think it worthy, feel free to add it to your outstanding efforts here.

    Wishing you oceans of joy and learning,


  21. Anonymous8/6/09 21:15

    Brian if you see this comment, I wanted to say I really enjoyed your post, but I cannot post a comment, although at least I can get access to your page now!

  22. Ok, I think I've got everyone who's sent their posts in as of 23h00 CET.

    I'm going to finish mine now (had quite a few technical problems) and then grab a late supper! Will check back in later to see if there's anything new to add! ;o)

  23. good night everyone!!!

    sweet dreams to the sound of waves crashing on the shores!

    if any new posts come in I'll add them first thing in the morning so they'll be available when you wake up (since most of you aare on the other side of the Atlantic!)

  24. Anonymous9/6/09 07:21


    I'm hoping you'll have your audio working. I sent you my link in an e-mail.

    Thank you Lover of Life for sending Cris' link.

  25. Cris, my philosophy/history post is up. Wonderful idea by the way. http://sciphijoshbrian.blogspot.com/2009/06/philosopherhistorians-take-on-oceans.html


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