9 May 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown Spanish Edition - D57 - Downtown!

My first visit downtown in 2 months... wow! So weird to see empty streets, solitary bus stops, that would otherwise be bustling with Saturday morning shoppers... Well, not completely empty. When I went into town it coincided with the "over-70" exercise time, so there were a few elderly couples out for a stroll. You could tell they weren't used to dealing with traffic anymore, plenty sauntering along in the middle of the street! 😝

Anyone passing by city hall would get a reminder of the seriousnesses of it all...

So Phase 0. What we've been in since Monday (and in Alicante at least will continue for another week, if not longer). The change from before is that restaurants can open for food pick-up (so far I've only heard of the Drive-ins at BK and McDonald's doing that), and that small businesses (and 400m2) could open for people to come with an appointment to pick up something they've already ordered online.

And hairdresser's can also finally open. Every place that opens of course following strict protocols for social distancing and health precautions for staff and clients. Plastic shields separating cash registers from the public for example. Masks. Gloves. Hand sanitizer. In the case of hair dresser's physical separation between clients, disposable towels / robes...

Hair dresser. That's what got me into town today. Called on Monday to make an appointment to pick up some products to help with my dermatitis (scalp, neck, ears... gets worse with anxiety and stress, so is driving me nuts now!), and when they said they had appointments available I decided to go ahead and do a full revision of my scalp, treatment, haircut (well, trim) etc. Felt good to just sit back and chat with someone else while they pampered me. Of course over the 2h I was there all conversations were corona-related, swapping quarantine stories and such, but was nice catching up with people I've know for about a decade. 😉

#stayhome, #quedateencasa, #restecheztoi

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