16 Jun 2010

Hogueras y la Polvora a la Nit

Now don't say I never do anything for you! Monday night I stayed up and headed out just before midnight to catch a bit of one of the Hogueras competitions on video for you. It's called "Polvora a la Nit", or "Night-time Gunpowder", and takes place on 5 consecutive nights in different neighbourhoods of town. It's basically a firecracker/fireworks competition. A night-time mascletà with fireworks added in. Lots of noise and pretty colours! :o)

Monday night's was just a few blocks from my parents' (and so close to me as well), so I bravely decided to face the rain (well, drizzle anyways) and drove over to catch the action on my cell-phone (only "video" capability I have as my camera is a wonderful DSLR -great pix, no vids!). I missed the beginning because parking was more complicated than I had originally anticipated due to the rain... but I started filming 2 blocks away and made my way as close to the barriers as possible (so jumpy images at the beginning).

Click to play! And if you're at your office you might want to turn the volume waaaaay down... ;o)

That beginning's got quite a good beat to it, wouldn't you say? My dad says he closed all the windows in the apartment (3 blocks away) and still couldn't hear the movie he was trying to watch! And the dog hid in the bathtub... :p


  1. My ears are DESTROYED after listening to that, with the sound almost all the way down. This is supposed to be fun? It looks and feels like a war zone. Not that I've ever been in one, but that's what it felt like to me. Boys and their toys...

    But thanks for the experience. I guess. :-)

  2. Oh this is LOTS of fun! :o) If you're in a festive mood and like the smell of gunpowder and and the lights.
    A daytime mascletà is even lowder and lasts longer! Clicking on the link in the text sends you to the video I took last year.

    Funny that you should mention war zone... apparently all this is so much like that (the noise at least) that many veterans of wars (or bombings0 have had to leave Valencia and Alicante during the week of Fallas and Hogueras...

    Our dog spends the week hiding in the bathtub... and sometimes we have to get her in the car and take her to another town so she can poop! Cause at least this noise is programmed, but kids will be lighting up firecrackers left and right for the next 2 weeks! :p

  3. The noise from the fireworks amazed me last year and I see the party still continues! Deafening, but fun.


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