4 Jun 2010

Coming Soon: World Oceans Day and Oceanic Blog-A-Thon!


Is it June already?!?!

Is WORLD OCEAN'S DAY really just around the corner? Or should I say, 'round the weekend?!?!?!

Damn! Sorry for the lateness of this announcement... I had fully planned on working my way up to WOD over a month-long period, but life has just gotten in the way! :o(

Enough with the self-recriminations... let's start over:

June 8th is World Oceans Day!!!

What is World Oceans Day? June 8 was official designated by the UN as World Oceans Day in December 2008 and the first "official" edition was held last year. It's -like Earth Day- a chance to remember to appreciate our seas and oceans, and see what we can do to help protect them. I'll quote what I wrote about it last year:
I think it's important in this day and age to help increase awareness of the importance the Earth's seas and oceans have for us and the survival of this planet. The oceans provide food, oxygen, mineral ressources... Throughout history (and pre-history) many people's fates and cultures have been intrinsically linked to the sea: from the early uses of fish and other animals for food, shells as currency, various products as dyes... to the sailing of the seas to reach far away lands and develop commerce and cultural exchange (as well as other less pleasant things). And let's not forget the simple inspirational influence the Sea has had on many a poet, author or just about anyone who has spent a few minutes gazing into its depths and wondering at its secrets.

Such a crucial and wonderous element that is sadly under constant assault by human activites. Be these excessive fishing or habitat-damaging fishing, by pollution, or even by global warming... our impact on the Earth's seas and oceans is increasing each year, to the point where perhaps someday we will overload it's capacity to bounce back.

Ready to participate?

What's that? Don't know how? The Ocean Project is coordinating information about events held across the Globe. You can find out if an event is taking place near you by clicking here, or you can register to organise your own even!

I have once again signed up to host an OCEANIC BLOG-A-THON. Those of you who participated last year know what it's all about, but as a reminder (and for new participants) a Blog-A-Thon is basically a Blogging Marathon around a specific theme, in this case the Oceans. How to participate? Well between June 7th and 8th write a post on your Blog related to the seas, oceans etc, then leave me a link here or send me an e-mail (crazycrisb AT ymail DOT com) with the url of your post. On WOD -June 8th- I'll launch the Blog-A-Thon with a post linking to all of our WOD posts, updating it as further participants sign in. If you want to take a look to our successful venture from last year click here. If you look through the comments I think you'll see all those who participated had quite a bit of fun, so don't hesitate to join in this year! :o)

The theme for 2010 is OCEANS OF LIFE. From the Ocean Project's page (more information to be found there):
This year’s theme focuses on our ocean’s great diversity of life and how we can all help in its conservation. Since everyone has a favorite ocean animal, we are interested in connecting their favorite species with what they can do to help conserve our world's ocean. Pick your favorite and protect it - try to pick just one favorite; it’s hard! We can help motivate people to take conservation action: Together, we can make a difference!

So start thinking, dreaming, reading, watching and preparing what you want to share. Work with this year's theme or branch off in a more personal direction. Share a memory, share an experience, review a book or a movie. Spread the Word to your own readers and invite them to participate as well. Feel free to take the "Blog-A-Thon" picture in the widget to at the top right and put it on your own blog.

Last year was wonderful, with 24 participant posts, I hope this year is just as much fun!

And remember to Wear Blue and Tell Two! ;o)

Oceans of Life for World Oceans Day!


  1. I read about WOD on Djan's blog and I will participate. Btw I am AL.

  2. We'll be very happy to have you join us Al! :o)

  3. Mine is posted! Happy World Oceans Day!



  4. Great! With yours and a couple of others I've receive by e-mail I can start drafting the Blog-A-Thon post which will go live on WOD! and then I'll keep adding posts as I receive them, like I did last year...

    WOD here we come!!! :o)

  5. Oh Cris, you know I'll be there! Last year was great and this year will be no different. My computer took a nose dive last week, but I'm back and ready to participate again. I'll write my post today.

  6. Hi Cris!

    Rhonda from Shellbelle just pointed me to your blog. A couple of days ago I did a bock review post that's very much ocean related..., here's the address:


    I'll be back to check out the event! Thanks!!

  7. Hi Cris! I managed to come up with something - I hope this is OK for the Blog-a-Thon!



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