10 Mar 2010

Foot update

Sorry if I appear to have pulled a disappearing act, this whole foot situation has gotten me so down I didn't really feel like writing anything! So haven't finished putting together Monthly Reading, Fishy Fridays or a couple of Oscar-related posts I had lined up. :s

If you ever get a bad sprain/break etc... don't think the pain in your foot is going to be the worst part. Nope, when that's over you have to deal with CRUTCHES!!! Hopping from here to there is exhausting, doing anything seems to take twice as much effort, your hands feel so sore that just pressing them against anything else makes them hurt and your back is going to start complaining about being unbalanced. Oh, and showers... showers are HELL! Trying balancing on a stool in the tub...

...with your foot & calf wrapped in saran wrap and dangling out of the tub just in case (so as not to get the bandages wet). 

Yeah, oodles of fun (voice dripping with sarcasm there). Well at least my abdominal muscles have been getting a workout holding that position. And my biceps. "Thanks" to the crutches I might actually have biceps by the time I'm through with all this! :p

Last Thursday when I woke up what little I could see of my foot sticking out of the bandages was all swollen and PURPLE! 

Kind of freaked me out seeing as how it hadn't been that colour the night before... Even tried washing it in case it was just dirty but wouldn't come off... so headed off for another trip to the ER (fuuuuun... fortunately had a book with me that time) and ended up getting told off by the Doc for not resting enough and keeping my foot up! Apparently the doctors and I have a different opinion on what "keeping my foot up" means. For me it was just not putting any weight on it and otherwise trying to keep doing normal routine stuff (like going to teach my English classes). For them it meant "reposo absoluto" as much as possible and with my foot UP as in above my waist up... Oops! Also more cold on it. So I spent as much of the weekend as possible lying on the sofa or bed, with my foot up on a pillow and a bag of frozen russian salad veggies on top. Brrrr!!! and BORING!!! Plus I can't very well sit at the computer and have my foot up... so not much time around here! :o(

Well, at least now I'm rid of that terribly itchy wrapping from my foot up my calf. Went to see the Traumatologist (is that the correct name in English for that kind of specialist?) yesterday and he released my foot from its dungeon, ordered up 10 sessions of rehab, and told me to use a removable ankle support thingy (like athletes!) during the day. Still can't use my foot (as in to walk, drive etc), so still stuck with the crutches and limited in the things I can actually do for myself, but man did it feel good this morning getting a shower without my foot dangling over the edge! Oh, plus washing it, definite bonus! :p

Still looks damn scary though:

But at least the Easter Egg is gone! ;o)


  1. Wow, you certainly did a number of your ankle. I can understand your frustration with crutches - they are VERY exhausting. I hope you are feeling better soon and your mobility returns.

  2. Nice colors (and changing with time apparently). You really did a good job there ;-)

  3. Geez Cris, I must have missed your post about how you hurt yourself! Poor thing!!!! And I thought showering with a cast on my wrist was a pain in the ass! Get well soon soon soon!!!!!

  4. Ow, that looks seriously nasty - hope it returns to a vaguely normal colour soon!

  5. It looks much better! I know the pain of crutches. You didn't even mention the sore spots on the sides of your ribs if you let the crutches rub there! Unfortunately, I'm pretty familiar with the emergency room routine. Crutches twice!

    I have a little folding bed tray that is perfect for holding a laptop while in bed!

    PS... Elevating greatly reduces the throbbing. Get well soon!

  6. Thx guys! You sure know how to warm a girl's heart! :o)

    'Tof, Dive Girl... I like to do things thoroughly! ;o)

    Rain, I took a slip and tumble down some stairs, wrenched my ankle, lost consciousness from the pain and spent several dreary hours in the ER and get to spend a grand total (hopefully no more) of 3 weeks working up my biceps by hopping around on crutches... :o(

    Lily, I guess that's one thing I've managed to avoid (the ribs), these aren't crutches that hold you up by your armpits, but the kind the weight is on your hands and the surrounding support only reaches your elbows, so I don't see any chance of them rubbing my ribs. And yeah, I noticed an elevated foot was a good thing, problem was whenevr I put it back down it hurt again! :o(

  7. Oh, I am so sorry it looks awful! smiles.

  8. Wow. That is a nasty looking sprain! You're lucky it didn't break. I liked the easter egg coloring - nice touch, LOL. Hope it heals quickly and you can dump those crutches!

  9. Emom, at this point it looks worse than it feels. But at the beginning... youch!

    Hey Nancy! Yeah, that's what the doctors told me, very lucky! As for the egg, well it's the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the lump, and I figured it would be healthier (mentally) to goof around playing with photoshop than to mope around over my foot...

    Monday I've got an appointment with the physiotherapist, hopefully he'll give me the go-ahead to start using this foot again! And give me a date to start rehab... :o)

  10. Eegad....I hope you manage the crutches, I sprained my ankle in high school and I couldn't ever get a hang of them! Working you biceps, I like that! Welcome to the gun club!!!

  11. the gun club Rain? I've never heard that expression before!

  12. Big biceps have a few names, pythons, pipes, guns, lol....it's very jock-ish!

  13. I guess I'll have to let my inner jock out to play a bit more often then! lol!

    Perhaps I should challenge my two cousins (we're a crazy trio born the same summer) to a tree climbing challenge / water fight or whatever when we get together in Mallorca next month. ;o)


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